“- If you feel scared, know that you’re not alone. I barely slept for weeks leading up to my first Pap and thankfully had a quick and easy experience. Now, as a provider who performs them on the reg, here are my tips to make it easier:

-Tell your provider it’s your first one and/or you’re really nervous. It’s so common – we can talk you through it.

– Ask for the smallest speculum size to start. If the provider needs to size up – they can.

– Ask to insert the speculum yourself, that’s no problem.

– Scroll through TikTok through the whole thing. I have a “puppy TikTok” I pull up for patients.

– Pee first. It’ll make you more comfortable.

– If it’s hurting, SPEAK UP! Please let the provider know if you’re having pain, we can adjust and rule out other underlying conditions.”