“As a pre-health student, I strongly believe it is important to visit the doctor regularly, and not only when pain becomes unbearable. Unfortunately, not every individual has access to visit the doctor regularly. 

My grandmother was a victim of breast cancer. She, unfortunately, passed away because her cancer was detected late, so the cancer cells had already spread to other parts of her body. Her inability to access a free screening prevented her from detecting this deadly cancer earlier. Like breast cancer, cervical cancer is asymptomatic, so it can be too late when diagnosed.

Cervical cancer can be prevented if detected early by a PAP smear screening. Like other cancers, cervical cancer can develop into other parts of the body, thus making it hard to combat and consequently cause death. 

It is important for every single individual with a cervix to have access to free cervical screening regardless of socioeconomic status, race, among other factors. This way we can prevent the stress and anxiety that cancer can cause to a family, and potentially save the life of a loved one.”