Lugene Flores tells the Native American Indian Foundation that she is a fierce advocate for Pap tests – a lesson learned after ignoring previous Pap results had a huge impact on her life.

After the birth of her son at 24 years old, she received an abnormal Pap test result at a routine care appointment, and instead of following up with her doctor, she switched from clinic to clinic for ten years, scared of what the abnormal result might mean.

With encouragement, Lugene conquered her fear and was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer in her uterus. Now healthy, Lugene knows that Pap tests can be frightening, but she champions facing the fear and discussing options with a healthcare provider.

“Just because you ignore an abnormal test result, it doesn’t mean it’s not there,” she says. “I ignored it for 11 years and it was still there – getting worse. It’s important for these young ladies to know how essential Pap tests are. It can save their lives.”

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