Tiffany is a nurse and a big advocate for regularly scheduled Pap exams. She’s seen how quickly the results of the test can change, and she’s also had firsthand experience with early prevention saving her own life.

“Do you believe in women having a say on services that impact our bodies?

For example Pap and HPV testing is a huge preventive service every woman should be participating in. Changing the frequency of when these tests are performed, can literally put thousands of women at risk. A lot can happen in one year let alone 3 years. Being a nurse I’ve seen patients come in with tests within normal limits just to come back in a few months with those same tests being abnormal. The whole point of preventive exams is to catch abnormalities early.

I had the pleasure of finding out abnormal results early to prevent progression in the disease. Make sure you are going to your routine appointments. If you see changes big or small make an appointment.

Becoming…informed…can save your life.”