Protect The Pap is an advocacy and education resource that believes that every individual with a cervix should have access to Pap screenings, the cervical cancer test that has been saving lives for decades. 

All too often, our bodies often feel like a battlefield in a war that we’re never asked to lead. When it comes to our health, we need to know that decisions about our wellness will be ours to consider, to advocate for, and to make. 

It wasn’t that long ago that cervical cancer was the deadliest form of cancer for individuals with a cervix. But with the widespread use of Pap tests, cervical cancer has gone from the number one cancer killer of individuals with a cervix to number 15. 

That’s a drastic difference. 

But now changes to the guidelines could eliminate the Pap, leaving thousands of people vulnerable to incomplete testing. 

Our mission at Protect The Pap is to give everyone the resources they need to learn more about these changes and advocate for the continued use of the Pap through sharing stories that show how crucial it is for every individual with a cervix to have access to potential life-saving health measures.

The Protect The Pap initiative is sponsored by Hologic, Inc.