Attorney Lada is taking a short break from sharing adorable pictures of her pup, Leo, to argue for the benefits of the Pap test. All rise for her valuable insight.

“Usually we discuss PUPs. Today we’ll talk about women’s health and PAPs

Pap and HPV tests help you to ensure that you are doing your best protecting your body! Cervical cancer can be detected by Pap tests and HPV tests and also caught early on in the process. If they are available to you, have them done at the recommended intervals. It is important to get pap test done yearly if there is a history of cancers in women in your family.

Also, we need to stand up and #speakout for those who don’t have that option. We have voice. Let’s use it! Women should have a voice in the healthcare guidelines that impact our health. It is our responsibility to #protecthepap and HPV testing to continue to allow women to detect cervical cancer early on and potentially save the lives of women. Every woman needs to have continued access to pap testing as part of our basic rights as individuals and as humans.”