“If you have a uterus and a cervix, all i want for the holidays this year is for you to get your regular pap test. i know it seems like not an urgent thing to do in a pandemic. i know it’s unpleasant and uncomfortable. but please do it. making the choice to go in for my pap this fall saved my life. i was diagnosed with cervical cancer, but it was caught early (stage 1B1) and i was brought in for surgery quickly, yesterday, december 3.

…i am so grateful for the amazing gynaecological oncology team at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Toronto General. i am so grateful for my wife…who told me i was beautiful when i facetimed her with my puffy post-op face this morning.

i am a super private person and really didn’t plan to share this info widely, [but]…if this can push any of you to commit to going to the clinic before the year is out, that would mean the world to me.”