Keeping up with fashion & the latest trends are cool, but keeping up with your health is life! 🌸 Attention women‼️ When’s the last time you got a Pap test? Did you know cervical cancer used to be the #1 cancer-related killer of women, but thanks to the Pap test, it is now #15? This type of cancer is often asymptomatic until it reaches its later stages, so it’s critical that routine Pap testing be included in every woman’s routine wellness exam for early detection. The good news is cervical cancer is way more preventative with a Pap test. I do mine regularly and if you have a cervix you should too. 🙏🏾 As a woman, I feel that it is so important to have a voice in the health guidelines that impact our bodies! My goal with this post is to spread public awareness! Unfortunately, many women fall behind on their Pap tests because they feel they lack the financial resources and medical coverage necessary to afford the test. The truth is, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) covers cancer screenings including Pap testing for most people with a cervix regardless of your income level. Make sure you are taking advantage of this form of self-care and getting your regular Pap test! Early detection can literally save your life. ✨So to the women reading this, please let’s spread the word and be advocates for our bodies. Today talk to at least one woman you know about the importance of a Pap test !