In the current ~ post grad ~ season of my life I find myself having so many conversations about the transition into adulthood and real life that literally no one seems to have figured it out and likely never will. In the same nature that I am moving into adulthood, I am also shifting into womanhood which isn’t as commonly talked about. When we do talk about it though, we often talk about empowerment or the connection we have to our femininity which is obviously significant but equally important is being in tune with our physical wellness. One recommended way to do this is through proactive care like Pap tests during your woman’s routine wellness exam with your OBGYN. Pap tests have significantly decreased the number of deaths caused by cervical cancer which was once the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women. Many women, unfortunately, fall behind on this screening because they assume it is not accessible to them or they are simply unaware of it and its importance. I have partnered with The Social Good Foundation to bring awareness to the issue of accessibility to Pap tests and remind you that cancer screenings are covered for almost everyone under the Affordable Care Act. It is important that we talk about these things too so that all women know what they have access to when it comes to their well-being.