OB/GYNS, nurse practitioners, and primary care physicians around the country are united in their support of the Pap test and the Pap and HPV co-test as the best options for preventing and diagnosing cervical cancer, according to the results of a poll recently published in Contemporary OB/GYN.

The support for the Pap alone or the Pap and the HPV test together was echoed in equal measure by polled patients.

94% of OB/GYNS acknowledged the value of the Pap test in preventing cervical cancer, with 87% reporting that the Pap test is the primary reason their patients seek out annual health check ups.

Surveyed health care professionals expressed doubts about HPV testing alone, citing the potential for diagnoses without options for treatment, higher recommendations for subsequent colposcopies, and missed diagnoses.

The views of surveyed patients reflected those of their care providers, with 90% acknowledging that the Pap test was an important component in their health screenings and overall well-being.

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