“For many people like me, who identify with a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth, there could be nervousness around how to navigate this experience which could lead to them missing the benefit of this life-saving screening. We can’t let that happen!

For the health of everyone with a cervix, the Pap test should be a part of a routine wellness screening no matter what community they are a part of.

Body dysmorphia is real, finding Trans inclusive doctors is a challenge and anxiety around speculums and tools are valid. After all, these procedures that have to do with our bodies are so rooted in binaries that sometimes it is easy to put it off or refuse it altogether. Before learning of my illness, I confess I was like that.

Now, when it comes to my health, I choose to take control of my body’s autonomy and my fight to live a joyful life by using the tools and resources that are available to me to keep me healthy!”