A few months ago I saw an Instagram post about #protectthepap and it reminded me it was time to visit my doctor (it had been 4 years). Worst case happened and my screening came back abnormal-so we did a biopsy! I found out this is pretty common, however it was still a stressful experience waiting for test results! Luckily everything came back ok, but I was humbled and I’ve vowed to get back on track and to get Pap test routinely. I’m thankful my insurance covers it and that The Affordable Care Acts covers Pap tests for most people with a cervix. But did you know new guidelines are now threatening to eliminate access to the Pap for those under 25? This test is critical for every woman’s routine. Not having access shouldn’t be an option!! Cervical cancer was once the number one cancer-related killer of people with a cervix, but since the introduction of the Pap test, that number has dropped to fifteen. All this to say, schedule your Pap!!