Ladies, are you prioritizing your health? Health screenings are more important than ever as they can save your life. One life-changing health check-up is the Pap test, which can detect cervical cancer. Cervical cancer was the number #1 cancer-related killer of women, now It’s #15. It’s often asymptomatic until it reaches its later stages, so it’s critical that routine Pap testing be included in every woman’s routine wellness exam. Did you know the Pap is accessible to most everyone? Let me explain… The Affordable Care Act covers cancer screenings for all people, including Pap testing for most people with a cervix, making this life-saving test accessible no matter what your income level happens to be. With turning 30 and potentially preparing for children, the Pap test keeps me informed about my body and health. Here’s your friendly reminder to put your health first and schedule your routine health check-up, including your life-saving Pap.