“Ladies, let’s chat! We need to talk about Pap tests. Most of us as mothers have had the experience of someone being “down there”. And yes I know your privates are, well, private after all. So I can understand why women put off their Pap tests. Did you know that before introduction of the screening, cervical cancer was the #1 cancer killer of women? Now, it’s #15!! Pap tests have been leading the fight against cervical cancer for decades. Getting into the practice of booking your regular Pap test is one of the best ways to stay proactive about your health. It allows you to find and diagnose cancer in its most treatable stage and before it spreads. The hardcore fact is that undergoing regular Pap tests lowers your risk of dying from cervical cancer. I believe we can all agree that the health risks certainly outweigh the slight moment of uncomfortableness from going and being tested. Of course, I have always taken my health seriously but now I’m even more serious about ensuring Faith understands her body and has access to preventive measures that can save her life. I also want to be physically present for all the many more firsts that Faith will have so I strive to be the healthiest me.”