Katherine is raising her voice to advocate for all women because it’s time for women to take back control of their bodies and of their healthcare:

“Women should have a voice in health guidelines that impact our bodies because of just that. It is OUR bodies. The health needs of women need to be taken seriously. Not only are we denied the health care that we need, but our voices are also systematically downplayed in the medical system – especially black women and women of color.

Cervical cancer went from being the number one leading cause of death down to #14 because of Pap and HPV tests. It’s been saving women’s lives for decades.

Not only do all women need access to these tests but people who were assigned female at birth are also at risk for cervical cancer and face unique barriers in accessing culturally sensitive health care. Because let’s be real for a minute, any ADULT with a vagina, regardless of gender expression, sexual identity, or sexual activity should have access to these potentially life-saving tests.

When it comes to our health, we need humans that will advocate for us, and sometimes that’s what we really need to ensure that adequate health care is provided.”