The coronavirus pandemic has put thousands of routine wellness screenings on hold, including annual Well Women Exams, which include the life saving Pap test. WKRG reports that the number of cervical and other cancer screenings fell by nearly 94% in March, which has led to a corresponding uptick in cancer diagnoses now that medical offices are opening again.

Patients have many questions about keeping Pap and other routine wellness exams, including how long a test can safely be delayed, whether telehealth is a viable option, and what precautions medical offices and hospitals are taking to ensure a clean and safe exam environment.

Dr. Nicole Angel with the Southern Cancer Center recently joined WKRG to answer these questions and more.

Click here to learn how to safely keep up with your Pap test during the coronavirus and watch Dr. Angel’s responses here.


WATCH: Dr. Nicole Angel with the Southern Cancer Center is taking your questions from WKRG Devon Walsh about the dangers in delaying routine cancer screenings.More information:

Posted by WKRG on Friday, June 26, 2020