I’m going to get uncomfy for a second, but only because we don’t talk about this enough. Why the stigma? [#ad]. As a child, I had to watch my mother lie in a hospital bed. I will not forget the intense fear I felt, the possibility of life without my mother was something I could not even fathom, and I am so thankful she is alive and well today. Her story is not mine to share, but what I will share is this: we need to get comfortable with talking about women’s cervical health. I’m not ashamed of that or afraid to talk about it with others. Every single woman deserves access to health care. Regular Pap screenings are a crucial part of that. Data shows many women between the ages of 21-65 are not up-to-date with their Pap test. There are several reasons for this, but one of the most frequent is financial anxiety or a lack of insurance coverage. Here’s the good news: The Pap is accessible to everyone. The Affordable Care Act includes cancer screenings for most everyone, including Pap testing for persons with a cervix, ensuring that all people have access to this life-saving examination regardless of their financial situation. It is so important that I do all that I can to stay healthy for my kids. Getting my routine Pap is just one way I’m taking care of myself for them.