I’m about to get real and raw with you all, because the importance of receiving a Pap test for women is crucial. Getting your regular Pap test could help save your life. Personally, I didn’t take the screenings seriously for a long time. I finally decided to go after a few years because I figured it was time. After what I thought was going to be a normal Pap test, I ended up having something come back slightly abnormal. The panic and fear I faced during the months of waiting for my biopsy to come back was real. Would I be facing cervical cancer? If I had gone sooner could I have prevented this? Thankfully, it was just a random abnormal result, and nothing has popped up since. However, I now know never to skip a pap test. I regularly go once a year and you should too! I have partnered with #ProtectThePap to bring you my experience and information that will help us move forward together. Even if you are struggling financially, know that the Affordable Care Act has you covered. The ACA covers cancer screenings for most everyone, and this includes the Pap test! Cervical cancer was once the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women, but thanks to the pap test, it is now #15, and the lives of thousands of women have been saved. Let’s continue to save lives by spreading awareness!