When I was 21 and at the peak of health and fitness, I was shocked to have a routine Pap screening come back with precancerous cells. Luckily we caught it in time and with appropriate monitoring and partnering with my OBGYN’s office, we were able to make sure I was healthy and free of dangerous cells going forward. All people deserve access to these important and potentially life-saving check ups- no matter what their medical coverage or financial ability is. This is why, in partnership with The Social Good Foundation, I am urging you to please make sure to schedule and attend your routine Pap screenings. Pap tests are covered for most people with a cervix by the Affordable Care Act, so there is no excuse to delay. And like in my case, cervical cancer can oftentimes be asymptomatic in its early stages, so even if you feel healthy it is still imperative to include this test as a part of your routine wellness exams. Together, we must continue to #ProtectThePap and make sure that everyone who needs it, has access to this vital screening.