Jennifer is opening up about how she overcame her fear of the Pap test, and how the Pap test in turn helped her overcome the anxieties about her own health. The only thing to fear is fear itself!

“As women, I feel like we always shy away from being open and honest about our bodies and sometimes we don’t even get a say. We’re often embarrassed or scared or simply not heard. I’m here to tell you my story and my fears about “The Pap test” DUN DUN DUN! (It’s really not that scary!)

I recently had a scare after I had some issues myself. Pain, bloating, discomfort. PLUS My mum previously had abnormal cells so I was extremely nervous! I went and I thankfully got the all clear BUT the anxiety at the thought of what COULD have happened was enough for me to get on instagram and tell you all to “protect the pap”. I was lucky, but sometimes it’s simply left too late. I also was then sent on to a specialist to find I was clear for endometriosis but had slight fluid on my pelvis. After all my stress and anxiety I finally got my pain resolved and the clear for pre cancerous cells. If I hadn’t been to my Pap test it could have only gotten worse! Please don’t be scared, embarrassed or feel like your health isn’t important because it is! And this could literally save your life.”