The freedom to feel healthy is a very inspiring thing. As women, we should have a say in all decisions regarding our health. Recent guideline changes recommend that the Pap smear, the life-saving, pre-cancer screening test, should no longer be a part of many women’s annual gynecological exams. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

The Pap is a preventative measure that can help detect cervical cancer and safeguard our reproductive health. This is absolutely necessary! Before the Pap test, Cervical Cancer was the #1 Cancer killer for women. Now it’s #14… that’s a huge difference and shows just how helpful this test is! I know personally that those yearly tests are an added reassurance to my physical health. They eliminate those extra “what ifs.” I love being able to go out in nature, enjoy + explore the world, and I want to keep doing that by taking care of my physical health!