Georgina has a unique relationship with preventative screenings. She’s honest about the fact that some of her family members might not be alive today if they hadn’t caught cancer early on. That’s why she’s all in on the Pap.

“Pap and HPV testing are essential services provided to women all over the world to catch and prevent cervical cancer early on. Before these screenings were introduced, cervical cancer was the #1 cancer killer amongst women, now it’s #14! Huge difference! BUT, there are new guidelines coming into place that want to take away global access to these potentially life saving Pap and HPV tests! We can’t let this happen.

Cancer is a big, scary player in my family, and if it wasn’t for the multiple tests and screenings available to me and my family, there would be a lot less of us here. I for one strongly believe ALL WOMEN should have easy, readily available access to these screenings to protect the bodies we were blessed with. Nobody should be able to take that away from us.”