Thania has made a birthday tradition of giving herself the best gift: the guarantee that she’s safe and well thanks to her annual appointment for a Pap screening. There’s no better way to celebrate the completion of a successful year and the promise of a healthy next ride around the sun.

“Getting a Pap test is important for all women, non-binary and transpeople, pretty much anyone with a cervix. Every two to three years I get a Pap test near my birthday. Even though it’s uncomfortable — it’s vital to do. That’s my form of self-care because I want to protect my reproductive health even though this body won’t be doing any reproducing 😉 It’s essential to schedule time with your OBGYN and get screenings to detect cervical cancer. According to a 2018 study, 2,400 Hispanic people were diagnosed with cervical cancer and 600 of them died from it. Those deaths could be prevented with regular screenings and access to affordable tests.”