The one thing we can take control over in the new year is our health. Not just what we put in our bodies or working out, but making sure we schedule our regular women’s health appointments. Pap tests can be a game changer for women to test for precancerous and cancerous cells. Before the Pap test, cervical cancer was the #1 cancer-related killer among women. Now, it is #15. New proposed changes to the guidelines could eliminate the Pap and leave women vulnerable to incomplete testing. Not getting these tests done regularly can be detrimental. Last summer, during a routine Pap test, I had abnormal results and had to test for precancerous cells. Thankfully, I’m in the clear, but not everyone is as lucky. I’ve lost family members that were dear to me because of cervical cancer and Black women are dying of cervical cancer at higher rates than White women. Having access to this testing is crucial for ALL women so they can have a good outcome. No guidelines should be able to take that away from us.