Olivia is a young mother who plans to safeguard her health for those she loves. That means a potentially life-saving test like the pap smear is a no-brainer.

“I am a young mother with two children who wants to protect my health for my family and me. As a full time special education paraprofessional and college student, I rely on my doctor to perform the necessary procedures I need. I have learned that cervical cancer was the #1 killer of women and now cervical cancer is #14 due to regular Pap tests. Sometimes women hear that when their Pap smear has been normal, they do not need it as frequently. Because of the Pap Smear, we know we have a healthy body. Without it, we wouldn’t know if something was wrong and wouldn’t start medical treatment. Pap smears are a vital life-saving measure and I for one advocate for protecting the Pap!”