Cervical cancer is the number 15 cause of cancer-related death for women in America; before the Pap test, it was the number 1 cause. It is often asymptomatic until it reaches the later and/or final stages; same for uterine and ovarian cancer. Hence the importance of routine preventative measures which are strongly encouraged for early detection. Although many, like myself, may neglect their regular screenings for different reasons such as discomfort & forgetfulness, religious beliefs, etc. For others it may be due to the lack of funds and of insurance coverage. However, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) covers cancer screenings for most people, including Pap testing for everyone with a cervix, making this life-saving check up accessible no matter what your income level happens to be. To all of my beautiful people with a uterus, a cervix, ovaries, and a fully functional or non-functional reproductive system out there; always remember to get your regular Pap test. Pay attention to your body as some things are always changing, touch your belly for any tenderness or hardness. Most importantly, never fail to ask your physician for a Pap test! #ProtectThePap