I want to take a moment to talk about women’s health, which is especially important during pregnancy. In addition to prenatal care, Pap tests are also extremely important. Cervical cancer was the #1 cancer killer of women and now its #15 thanks to the Pap test!! I wanted to touch on this because a lot of women opt out of getting their Pap test done during pregnancy and in my opinion it’s the most vital time to get one done. I got one done at my first OB appt at 12 weeks pregnant and good thing I did because I had a cervical polyp. They’re extremely common but it’s better to be safe than sorry! They also can cause unnecessary bleeding during pregnancy, which can be so stressful for someone like me who has experienced a miscarriage. Having access to testing is vital for all women’s health and no guidelines should be able to take that away from us. Luckily, the ACA covers cancer screenings, including Pap testing!