Ever since I had Gia, I look at things so differently. My own daughter, finally! I waited so long to have her, and she’s finally here! But now that she’s here, there is a whole list of new worries that come with her being born. Of course as a mother, we all worry. But these worries are different than with my boys. One of those worries was her health, specifically her reproductive health. When I was younger, I had precancerous cells on my cervix and to prevent future cervical cancer, I had a piece of my cervix removed. This was found because I had a Pap test. I worry that Gia won’t have access to an affordable Pap test. Luckily through the Affordable Care Act almost ALL women, regardless of income level, have access to a Pap test! Cervical cancer was once the number one cancer-killer of people with a cervix, but now since the introduction of the Pap test, it’s down to 15!! That’s amazing!! Since I went back to work part-time after having Gia, I lost my health benefits due to not being a full-time worker anymore and now I depend on the Affordable Care Act to help me get my regular Pap test. I’m so glad I and other women can all access this life saving test! Don’t forget to get your yearly Pap test ladies! It literally could save your life!