Bryanna is an actress and tarot reader from Los Angeles, but rather than foreseeing the future of women’s health, she’s here to guarantee it – and that includes advocating for the life-saving Pap test.

“We always talk about self-care, but we always seem to be embarrassed by our lady parts. As women, we always have to have our guard up. When it comes to our health, our bodies often feel like a battlefield in a war that we don’t even have a voice in. It feels like we can never be assured that conversations about our health will be ours to have, or decisions will be ours to consider, advocate for, and ultimately make. That has to change.

The American Cancer Society is aiming to redefine guidelines that would recommend that the Pap smear (the lifesaving, cervical cancer screening test) should no longer be a part of a woman’s annual gynecological exam. This test is absolutely essential!

Before Pap screenings, cervical cancer was the #1 cancer related killer of women, a rating that has since dropped drastically to #14. It is clear that ALL women deserve access to Pap smears, as well as other tests, that have been saving our lives for years.”

Please don’t allow our voices to go unheard.