Judy is an articulate advocate for the importance of Pap tests even for middle and senior aged women. Life is long and full of shifts and surprises, but your health shouldn’t be one of them.

“Middle-aged and senior women are not immune to abnormalities identified through pap smears. Many women, like me, are single after decades of marriage. My marriage of twenty- five years ended in divorce and I gradually began to date, not aware of the consequences of an abnormal pap smear. One single partner can transfer HPV without even knowing that they are infected. Staying on top of your pap tests is critical! At the age of forty-eight, my body was forced into early menopause because of a surgery which removed part of my cervix. Precancerous cervical changes were monitored frequently to determine my risk factors. Other treatments were tried first, including freezing the cervix using cryotherapy. Another chapter in my story with a happy ending due to a diligent doctor and yearly pap tests.”