Laura is rewriting the narrative on Pap tests for her daughter. After growing up uneducated on this vital screening, she’s determined to head a household where monitoring health is second nature.

“Growing up as a young African American woman in the seventies, my mother did not educate me on the importance of getting a Pap screening. This was not something that was talked about and could be viewed as taboo during such a time period. By the time I learned the importance of routine Pap screenings, I was well into my twenties and on my own. I did not want my daughter to share the same experience as myself, but I wanted her to be aware. I wanted her to completely understand the importance of getting a Pap screening, and to let her know that I was with her every step of the way. There was absolutely no question that was unanswered. I wanted to be transparent with my daughter and rewrite the narrative.”