We are always concerned with nutrition, well-being and health of mind, but when we talk about women’s health, we also need to talk about an exam that should be part of every woman’s medical routine, so that various complications can be avoided: the preventive Pap test. Unfortunately, many women are still unaware of the importance of this exam and end up neglecting its regularity, which leaves room for serious health problems, which could be resolved if the follow-up were routine. Cervical cancer can happen to anyone, regardless of their age. I myself know many women my age who have been diagnosed with it including people in my family. Luckily, as it was diagnosed early, the cancer was treatable. Time is of the essence here and I urge all women to get tested regularly. I do this myself during my routine checkup as I already have a family history of the disease and have been doing this for years. Unfortunately, many women fall behind on their Pap tests because they feel they don’t have the financial resources and medical coverage to pay for the test. The truth is: Pap is accessible to almost everyone! The Affordable Care Act covers cancer screenings, including the Pap test for almost all people with a cervix, making this life-saving test universally accessible, no matter what your income level! And you, are you up to date with your preventive?