Let’s talk about your cervical health. When I was growing up, I didn’t hear much about how important it is to make sure anyone with a cervix gets a routine Pap test. In fact, I didn’t know I should be getting a Pap screening until I went to my very first gynecologist visit earlier this year. That’s when I learned about how important it is for folks to get a Pap test on a regular basis. Cervical cancer is asymptomatic until the cancer has progressed to later stages. Getting regular Pap tests are pivotal to catching an issues early on and catching cancer before it is to late. When I made a to-do list for 2021 last winter, I added a gynecological appointment to my list – not knowing how important it is to get the exam AND that my insurance covered my Pap test. The good news is that a Pap test is a pain-free screening, doesn’t take long at all, and the Affordable Care Act insurance companies cover the cost for most people.