“There’s nothing like the natural born strength that comes with being a woman. I’ve always believed we are real-life superheroes with unique experiences that fuel our passions. For me, my story of being born with 2 uterus (and yes, 2 cervix) has shaped so much of who I am today, and why I advocate so hard for women’s health.

After finding out that I was born with this unique touch, I quickly learned just how important Pap tests are. I’ve dealt with just about everything – multiple abnormal Pap results, precancerous cells in both cervix, biopsies, colposcopies and cryosurgery. Before the pap screening existed, cervical cancer was the #1 cancer killer among women – Now it is #14. Pap tests and early detection have saved my life, so I cannot stress the importance of them enough.

For the health of everyone with a cervix (or two💕), having access to this testing is crucial.”