In order for women to thrive, we absolutely need equitable access and care. I believe every individual with a cervix should have access to Pap tests. Full stop. Before the Pap test, cervical cancer was the # 1 cancer-related killer of people with cervix, now it is # 15. If I’ve learned anything from my challenges with healthcare over the years, it’s that we must advocate for ourselves and our bodies. Many women fall behind on their Pap screenings because they feel they lack the financial resources and medical coverage necessary to afford the test. The truth is: the Pap is accessible to most everyone. The Affordable Care Act covers cancer screenings for most people, including Pap tests, making this life-saving check up accessible no matter what your income level happens to be. Changes to guidelines could eliminate the Pap, leaving thousands of people vulnerable to incomplete testing. Regardless of income, race, or location women deserve the right to equitable healthcare and no guidelines should be able to take that away.