It is blasphemous to live in a world where women do not always have a say in the decisions that impact our bodies. Medical access and education for all women should be the standard. Cervical cancer used to be the #1 killer for cis-women but now it’s #14 due to increased testing/treatment for Cervical Cancer & HPV. For me, this testing in particular helped me discover a benign cyst on my ovary at a young age. I’m so thankful that I was able to address this issue in a safe, caring way by medical experts. Guideline changes to Pap tests at large would be a true disservice to the livelihoods of all cis-women, non-binary people, & Trans-men. It’s imperative to stand with us in ensuring that these crucial tests aren’t taken away from our routine wellness checks. Cheers to moving forward in obtaining access/availability for ALL.